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Bali Weddings – 3 Amazing Venues to Consider

Whether you are an expat living in Indonesia or a happy couple seeking one of the most romantic places on earth to start your life together as husband and wife, Bali has just what you are looking for. With warm ocean breezes gently caressing your face while you say your vows and a scenic backdrop fit for a blockbuster movie, what could be better than one of these three amazing venues for Bali weddings?

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1. Bali Beach Weddings

Imagine a sunset Bali beach wedding with the warm colors of the setting sun behind you and the guests looking on at the soon-to-be bride and groom stand under a pristine white canopy gazing into each other’s eyes. Tropical flowers are placed around the couple and it is the canopy for the ultimate photo op every couple hopes for on their wedding day. The ceremony ends and the guests begin to mingle for the celebration. Fireworks light the sky, a DJ is playing their special song and romance is in the air. After picturing all this, if you aren’t engaged now, you soon will be! How magical is that?

2. Garden Weddings in Bali

Bali has some of the most beautiful tropical gardens anywhere on earth. Can you imagine the lovely scents wafting through the area where guests are seated? You won’t find the same kinds of flora as you would in the West, but the fresh, green aroma is quite intoxicating. Many of Bali’s finest gardens are situated high above the beaches where you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll have the luscious greens of a tropical garden and the lovely blue of the ocean waters. Yes, Bali is on the Java and Bali Seas but both bodies of water are fed by the Pacific Ocean with the Indian Ocean to the South. Those lovely ocean blues and greens are the culmination of ocean waters filtering into the seas. Simply an awesome sight to behold as a backdrop for a Bali wedding.

3. Traditional Ballroom Weddings

Some couples prefer a more traditional setting for a Bali wedding. While they want their guests to enjoy the magnificence of the surrounding scenery, they want to keep the ceremony and reception indoors. Sometimes it’s a matter of the gown the bride wants to wear and other times a ballroom wedding provides a better atmosphere for a sit-down catered affair. Outdoor weddings, as beautiful as they are, simply don’t appeal to everyone’s tastes. Know that Bali has amazing ballrooms that lend themselves perfectly to glamorous wedding venues.

Whether you choose to hold the ceremony outdoors and the celebration indoors, or the entire day inside or out, Bali has some of the most romantic venues for weddings of any place on earth. Finally, the best part is yet to come! You won’t even need to travel far for your honeymoon because Bali is one of the top 10 romantic honeymoon destinations of all times. Simply bid your guests farewell and walk a few steps to your Bali honeymoon suite. Enjoy your new lives together as man and wife beginning with this day you’ll never forget in a land that is truly unforgettable.