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Why You Must Increase Your Trip Budget Due To Coronavirus


Since the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, it has not been business as usual for many firms. The virus had led to an increase in the global inflation rate, interest rate, and upward reviews of government spending on a specific sector, and an alarming decline or neglect of some industries’ budgetary expenditure.

Amongst the sectors greatly affected globally is the travel and tourism industry. That is due to the drastic decline in people’s movement and almost total restrictions during the peak of the lockdowns. That has affected the industry in ways beyond imagination. The recent issuance of the second phase of lockdown by the government of different countries at varying times makes the sector’s problems far from over.

Travel agencies companies are gradually returning to operation as travels have slowly begun to take the pace and slowly gaining momentum amongst the populace but does not do so without a price. The adverse hit on the industry by the virus makes a return back to normal almost impossible. While commuters cannot avoid traveling presently, it means an increase in prices is inevitable; as a commuter, one must prepare for an increase in current trips’ overall prices.

That is because of varying factors amongst which include:

·        Reduction In Passengers

Commuters going on journeys recently has reduced as a result of the pandemic. That also led to a reduction in the revenue made by travel firms. Although there has been a significant drop in the number of passengers and income generated, individual fixed overhead costs have remained constant. To combat this variance while still retaining profit at specific levels, firms need to increase fares to achieve profitability.

·        Social Distancing Guidelines

Social distancing guidelines vary from one country to another but still have a similar effect on businesses worldwide. Businesses such as Hotelopia are forced to operate at reduced capacities even with increasing demand for their services. This brings about a tussle between demand and supply and therefore drives specific prices upward.

·        Health Care Items

The pandemic has brought about an increase in healthcare useable quantity one has to prepare for while going on journeys. That includes consideration for specific health care items like facemasks, hand sanitizers, and others, thereby increasing the overall spending expenditure for trips.

·        Government Regulations

Different governments of the world have strict regulations as regards travels. The enforcement of these regulations has been noticed to have significant financial implications on commuters. Some of these control measures, such as compulsory Covid-19 testing and isolation procedures, will also raise the cost of traveling by no small amount. These increments have subsequently made going on trips in recent times more expensive.

Therefore in making travel plans during this period, there is a need to plan for increased price rates. That helps to forestall unforeseen situations that might arise from a lack of funds while on a voyage. Therefore, commuters have to adequately consider the possibility of a rise in price before going on that next journey.