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Why should you buy a rain poncho? Tips to choose the best one

Autumn rains are another challenge for all of us, especially when you are not an umbrella person. Trying to find other ways to hide from the rain, you can stick to the raincoat idea. So let us help you find your perfect raincoat!

Disposable rain ponchos are a must!

Raincoats boast a number of undeniable advantages. Let’s see the main advantages of raincoats learning more about Magnitudo rain ponchos.

Raincoats are compact

Rain ponchos are compact and lightweight! They will reliably protect their owner from bad weather, both during rain and wind!

And they are super easy to use!

  1. Unfold the poncho

  2. Slip it through the hole above your head

  3. Tighten the hood on the raincoat

  4. Adjust the sleeves

And here we come to another advantage!

Comfy hood and sleeves

Good disposable rain ponchos have drawstring tightening on the hood to completely protect you from wind and frost. As well as elastic bands on the sleeves to protect you from the wind and raindrops.

Yeah! Unlike traditional ponchos, Magnitudo raincoats have sleeves for extra rain protection.

Look how amazing it is!


Rain ponchos quickly dry up

The wet adult raincoat quickly dries up on a hanger, not cluttering the aisle, as often happens with umbrellas for all family members!

Both hands are free

An undoubted advantage of the raincoat is that you have both hands free. Yeah! No need to carry an umbrella anymore.

Thick and safe

Magnitudo raincoats are thicker than other raincoats!

The adult ponchos are extra-thick (0,035 mm), durable, and tear-resistant.


Rain ponchos are easy storable

Because ponchos are easy to store, they’re great for sudden weather changes. Going on a jungle kayak trip? Get a rain poncho because they can withstand a downpour, drizzle, and the occasional river wave, and cover most of your body.

The second benefit of a poncho is that you can easily pack it, roll it up, and not worry about running out of parts or having to disassemble it. In a backpack, ponchos take up almost no space.

They take up less space, and can be used as a shelter, as a blanket for extra insulation, and even as a temporary shade structure!


Because ponchos have a fairly loose fit, they provide great air exchange and breathability, especially when hiking. The ventilation and breathability of ponchos are also increased by the addition of zippers on the pockets.

Affordable price

The quite usable poncho has another charming quality: they are very cheap.

Although you can find some expensive ponchos, the vast majority of rain ponchos are quite affordable, which is great for hikers on a tight budget.

Extra protection

Unlike a jacket, a rain poncho covers most of the lower half of your body. This means you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet in the rain. The poncho also covers your backpack to keep your gear dry, which is very convenient.