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What is Spandex Roof? Recognize the Strengths and Weaknesses!

The main element in a dwelling is a roof. In recent years, the use of spandex roofing material has become quite popular as a substitute for clay roof tiles that have long been used. Spandex roof is one type of house roof made from a mixture of aluminum and zinc. The ratio composition used to make roofing spandex is 55{fef8598f59036bf5021fb23bf2d9f103810766e79abaa825d01242cf39cf7dbb} aluminum and 43{fef8598f59036bf5021fb23bf2d9f103810766e79abaa825d01242cf39cf7dbb} of zinc. The rest uses silicon material.

From the mixture of these materials, spandex roofs are created which have sturdy, durable, lightweight and easily shaped properties. Looks like a dream roof material, right? But there are some disadvantages to the roof of the spandex itself. To recognize it deeper, let’s better find out the advantages and disadvantages!

Easy Application

The first advantage of spandex roofing is that it is easy to install. It didn’t take long to cover the entire top of the house with an uncomplicated frame structure. Parts on spandex roofs that are easy to apply. If the wind is large enough, spandex roofs tend to be safer than using roof tiles or other types of roofs because spandex roofs can reduce the risk of roof collapse. If you’re looking for the good house roofer, the roofing contractors Appleton Wi is the one recommended for you.


The average thickness of a spandex roof is around 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. indeed classified quite thin, but that does not mean this roof is easily destroyed. Spandex roof remains sturdy and strong because it is made of high-quality chemicals. Spandex roof has anti-cracking, anti-cracking and of course eradicating or anti-termite and insect.

Many Color Options

Spandex roof surface can be more easily painted with the color combination you want than other types of roof. Even though the spandex roof also has a striking basic color that has been produced by the manufacturer from the factory.

Has Good and Durable Durability

Spandex roof can be regarded as one of the roof design material that has a durable and durable that can be used in the long run. This roof can last up to 20 years. This is because of the mixture of the right composition with the basic ingredients of aluminum and zinc which can make it durable and sturdy even though it takes time.

Apart from the various advantages of the Spandex roof, there are also shortcomings that it has. These deficiencies include the following.

High Absorption Power

Spandex roof is one of the roofs that has a high absorption of sunlight. The space that it covers will also feel a little hotter than the type of roof, for example, clay tile.

Spandex roof, when viewed from the basic material, is a good conductor of heat. Roof spandex is not one way to deal with heat from the house, therefore many roof tiles are applied to factories and buildings and houses in the highlands.

Noisy when it rains

This thin roof is not a good silencer. When heavy rains hit the roof of the spandex can cause noise that reduces comfort in the residence. Apart from being thin, light is also a factor that causes the roof of the spandex to have a much higher noise level than other types of roof.