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Top 5 Things Los Angeles Is Known For

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Los Angeles”? Is it the famous image of the Hollywood Sign or is it the colorful nightlife?

For many, Los Angeles is their dream city.

A city that grants them a first-hand feel of the biggest Entertainment industry; Hollywood. However, to some, LA goes beyond just Hollywood. It’s a city that embodies their dreams and passions.

If you are looking to visit Los Angeles, you should see Los Angeles travel agencies on to know which companies are reputable and worthy of your patronage. What makes Los Angeles so special? Let’s explore 5 alluring facts about the city.

The Hollywood Sign

A movie about California is not considered complete without the famous Hollywood Sign stealing part of the screen time. Planted on Mount Lee in 1923, the sign has become a symbol of the American movie industry. It is visible from all over the city from an elevation of 1,708ft.

Although it’s illegal to get too close to the sign, one can still find ways to get good shots of the historical sight.

Ethnic Diversity

One of her beauties lies in her ethnic diversity. About 41{fef8598f59036bf5021fb23bf2d9f103810766e79abaa825d01242cf39cf7dbb} of the Los Angeles population are Latinos, 11{fef8598f59036bf5021fb23bf2d9f103810766e79abaa825d01242cf39cf7dbb} are Asians, and 10{fef8598f59036bf5021fb23bf2d9f103810766e79abaa825d01242cf39cf7dbb} are African-Americans. The communities of immigrants are much, ranging from Chinatown to Little Armenia.

In Los Angeles, one has the opportunity of meeting people from different cultures without stepping a foot outside the US soil. She’s proven that societies can be very diverse and capable of living in peace despite their diversities.

Disneyland Park

The famous Disneyland Park is located just outside the city of Los Angeles. It’s the dreamland of many children around the world. It was constructed and completed under the orders of Walt Disney himself. It comes as no surprise that the amusement park depicts the work of an artistic genius.

Disneyland Park is ranked as the second-best amusement park worldwide with an attendance of approximately 18,666,000 people.  If you’re in Los Angeles, a 41-minute ride will get you and your loved ones into this dream world.

Griffith Observatory

Although Life can be very expensive in Los Angeles, the City allows you to explore the universe for free at the Griffith Observatory.

From an elevation of 1,135ft, visitors can have a view of Downtown LA, the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles Basin, and even a view into Space. Griffith Observatory allows visitors to view the moon, stars, etc through its free public telescope. The awesome science exhibitions expose you to what’s out there. It is a place for satisfying curiosities.

No admission fee is needed to get into Griffith Observatory, making it the second most visited tourist location in Los Angeles.


The 109-year-old studio is the home to thousands of Hollywood Characters. Located at the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, it is arguably the third most visited tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

The studio offers tours that expose how their biggest movies were made and even offers a 3D experience with many of the studio’s popular characters.

You can finally have a close at the legendary King Kong or get to check-in at the legendary Bates Motel from the movie Psycho. Visitors are shown the behind-the-scenes of popular movies like Fast & Furious, Battleship, Jurassic Park, etc.

There’s little wonder why thousands flock in daily to have a taste of Hollywood and experience its thrill first hand.

LA is known for many things ranging from her thriving Entertainment industry to her unique diversities. Many entertainers around the world flock to California[I1]  city to experience what Life in a Hollywood-centered city feels like.

“In Los Angeles, you can have the city life and feel like you’re on holiday at the same time.”  – Isabel Marant.