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Three artists who are on display in Amsterdam

Are you planning a trip to The Netherlands? Then you mustn’t forget to visit some of the beautiful museums in the capital. The Moco museum in Amsterdam is one of the most popular museums in Holland, and definitely worth a visit. Unlike other famous museums like the Rijksmuseum, this museum focuses on modern art. Here you will find paintings, statues, and other works of art from modern artists. Have you gotten curious? In this article, you will read more about three artists that are currently on display at this modern art museum.


One of these artists is the famous Banksy. This unknown artist has gained popularity because of his unusual way of displaying art. For example, the artist once painted a wall in the dark. People only found out about the artwork the next morning. Banksy is an anonymous artist, which means that nobody knows who he is. His art is often dedicated to politics and he isn’t afraid to stand up for his viewpoints on politics, religion, and art. Banksy is one of the most famous artists of our time, and you will never forget seeing his work in real life.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko is a famous painter, who sadly passed away in 1970. He is a famous artist who made many paintings, but the one he is most famous for is called: ‘The Color Field Paintings’. This is a painting with large rectangular stripes of color. Rothko had been quoted multiple times saying that this painting captures the essence of basic human emotions. Although Rothko was a very versatile painter, he most often created abstract and expressionist paintings. His works are universally loved for the use of smart coloring and its deeper meanings.

Andy Warhol

Even if you are not a fan of art, you must’ve heard of the name Andy Warhol before. After all, he is one of the world’s most famous modern painters. Warhol’s most famous painting is without a doubt: ‘The Campbell’s Soup Cans’. This painting has given him worldwide success and his work is loved by critics as well as the general public. Warhol is a leading figure in the movement known as pop art. This is a form of art where fun and comical effects are very important. Pop art is often used in comic books, advertisements, and movies. Andy Warhol’s art is guaranteed to leave an impression on you and make you smile all at the same time!