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Getaway from City Buzz? Here Are Singapore’s Hidden Gems You Can Explore

Have you ever experienced how to deal with boredom in a fast-moving country like Singapore? In fact, you have so many options for doing that. There are many places to discover scattered all over the country. Of course, all places remain undiscovered as part of Singapore.

Singapore’s anti-mainstream or so-called ‘hidden gems’ are scattered around the city. If you want to explore, take more than a day trip. For tips, you can stay at cheap hotels in Singapore and use this Traveloka promo code for maximum enjoyment.

So, these are all hidden gems that you must visit when you have your spare time to cure your boredom.

1. Pearl’s Hill City Park

Located not far from the streets of Chinatown, Pearl’s Hill City Park offers the perfect place for you to visit. The beauty of this nature vibe site is built on a hill and around a reservoir, so you’ll have to take the stairs to paradise itself. But, it’s definitely worth the effort.

The park itself is named after Captain James Pearl, who commanded the ship that brought Raffles to Singapore. In this place, you will also find some relics of the colonial era. Foreword, this hidden gem is the perfect place for those of you who come for a peaceful day after business.

2. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Raffles Marina Lighthouse is one of the uncommon places you can actually visit in Singapore. Besides Singapore’s cityscape, you can get to the place at the edge of the city. This lighthouse was built in 1994 and nowadays it has evolved into a luxurious place.

You can also go for a walk and stroll around to view the sea breeze with beautiful views. In one time, you will discover many yachts docked at the marina alongside the lighthouse.

3. Fort Serapong

If you know Fort Siloso, there is also a fort where you can go for a walk in Singapore. Fort Serapong, a hidden hilltop fort in Sentosa will give you the same feel as other historical sites. Also, this place is anti-mainstream but can be an attractive place to visit.

Built at the end of the 19th century, this place still looks good and is waiting to be discovered. For fact, to go to this place you better join a guided tour because the trip will enter the overgrown jungle at the top of the hill.

4. Tanjong Rimau

Alongside the popularity of Sentosa Island, there is one island that is waiting to be discovered. Tanjong Rimau is a hidden place in Singapore that you must visit because of the gorgeus scenery and Instagram-worthy.

As the last remaining undeveloped Sentosa coastline, Tanjong Rimau will bring you a full enjoyment of a nature haven in mangrove trails and a bunch of tiny caves. If you want to run from your business, you can go out to explore this quiet peaceful area with a guided tour.


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