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Cabo San Lucas Boat Tours – An Excellent Way to Explore the Sea of Cortez and Los Cabos

Taking Cabo San Lucas Boat Tours is a great way to explore the Sea of Cortez and Los Cabos. It also gives you the chance to see the famous whales and dolphins that make this area their home. It is also an excellent way to see the Lovers and Divorce Beach. You can take one of these tours on your next vacation to Los Cabos.

Divorce Beach

During your Divorce Beach boat tours in Cabo San Lucas, you can take in the beauty of the sea as you sail along the coast. It is a perfect place to spend the day, and there are a variety of activities available for you to enjoy.

This activity includes snorkeling and viewing the ocean. During the tour, you can take pictures of the underwater wildlife. The tour also includes fresh drinks and food. The activity is recommended for groups of all ages.

The best way to get to Divorce Beach is by boat. You can take a water taxi from Medano Beach or hire a kayak. The boat captain will bring you as close to the beach as possible.

Sea of Cortez

Located between Mexico’s mainland and the Baja California peninsula, the Sea of Cortez is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to more than a third of the world’s marine mammal species and hundreds of fish species or other marine life.

Cabo San Lucas Boat Tours offers the opportunity to explore the pristine waters and rich marine life of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also explore the area’s other activities like fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle boarding. These activities are best performed in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez during the spring and summer.

There are many different tours that you can take from Cabo San Lucas to explore the Sea of Cortez. These include round-trip transportation from your hotel in Cabo San Lucas.


During the winter months, whales make their annual migration from Alaska to Mexico. It is a great time to see these incredible creatures. Typically, you will have a chance to see humpback and gray whales. There are many different types of boat tours available, so be sure to find one that’s a good fit for you.

One of the most popular whale-watching trips in Cabo is the one by Cabo Adventures. This tour combines snorkeling with whale watching in a luxury double-deck catamaran. You also get an open bar and snacks. The vessel is French-made, which makes it a good choice if you’re interested in whale-watching in Cabo San Lucas.

Another good option is Taking Cabo San Lucas Boat Tour. This company offers a two-hour whale-watching cruise. They also offer hotel transportations, light breakfast, and an open bar.

Various water sports and boat tours

Cabo San Lucas offers a wide variety of water sports and boat tours if you are planning a vacation. Boat tours provide the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Sea of Cortez. Many of these tours depart from Cabo San Lucas marina, which is a short walk from downtown. The boat tours provide a variety of activities to choose from, including a visit to the Sea Lions Colony.

Cabo San Lucas Boat Tours offers a daytime beach tour that includes Land’s End and Santa Maria Beach. The excursion includes delicious and fresh cuisine. The tour also includes a visit to the famous arch.

El Arco

Located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, El Arco is a limestone rock arch. You can reach it by boat from Cabo San Lucas. The arch is a widespread landmark for various reasons. It is also an excellent location for various activities, including snorkeling.

There are several ways to see the arch, including kayaking, snorkeling, or taking a glass-bottom boat tour. Kayaking trips take about 40 minutes. The water is crystal clear, making it an ideal place to see marine life.

The glass bottom boat is a good choice for children who aren’t strong swimmers. The arch can be viewed from four different perspectives. This type of boat is also an excellent way to get to Lover’s Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Cabo San Lucas.