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The shape of the roof of the house that is used to protect the dwellings turned out to be many kinds. Each design has a different shape and gives its own impression on each occupancy. Then what kind of roof is suitable for today’s house? On the roofing Appleton Wi, you can get various roof designs. So you can realize the roof of the house as you desire.

The shape of the roof of the house is quite diverse. Even so, one of the most important things, the roof must have a slanted design so that it can flow rainwater well to the ground. This design itself is influenced by climate, which is to anticipate the coming of rain.

Here are some roof designs that are very suitable for your home choice. Check out a review of the form of a minimalist roof of the house today below.

  1. Modern Saddle Roof Homes

Gable roof is a very common design. This roof model has a trapezoid-shaped surface with a slope of 30-40 degrees.

Called the gable because it is said to resemble a holder on the back of a horse (saddle). The shape of this roof is very simple and has the right slope to drain rainwater to the ground.

That is why it is not difficult to meet houses with such roofs.

  1. Roof Shield Shape

Just like a saddle, the shape of the roof shield is quite often applied at home.

This roof has a surface shape consisting of two parallelograms on the sides and two triangles on the front that merge at one point.

What makes it different from the saddle? This one roof model has a design that looks more modern.

Modern minimalist houses today often use it as a cover for the house.

  1. The shape of the Pyramid House Roof

The shape of the pyramid roof is almost the same as the shield roof design. The difference, this type of roof is composed of a whole triangular surface. Conical shaped like a pyramid.

The widened roof design is balanced and precise on all sides, providing even protection to the walls of the house from heat and rain.

  1. The shape of the sloping roof

Over time and changing trends, the design of leaning roof with a single sloping surface. This one roof type is now widely applied to minimalist houses with a modern design.

Initially, the backrest model was only used as an additional part. The unique appearance makes modern minimalist residential owners and also futuristic often use the roof shape of this one.

  1. Butterfly roof shape

The roof with butterfly design is not yet too commonly used in homes. On the other hand, today’s homes, aka the minimalist and contemporary designs, have already applied a few.

Shaped like a trapezoid like a wing that is divided in two. The size of these two roof surfaces can be identical. Can be big next door or small next door. Raindrops will be accommodated in the middle and then flowed downward.

The water can also be used for daily purposes such as watering plants and others.